Ticket t+


The t+ ticket is designed for occasional travellers and visitors not wishing to use the Paris Visite travel card.



• The t+ ticket allows you to travel on:

  • Metro lines
  • RER lines (RATP and SNCF) within Paris (zone 1)
  • Ile-de-France bus lines (RATP and OPTILE), except Orlybus and Roissybus
  • Tramway lines (RATP and SNCF)
  • the Montmartre funicular

• The following types of connections are possible with this ticket:

  • metro/metro
  • metro/RER and RER/RER within Paris
  • bus/bus (including between the RATP and OPTILE networks), bus/tram and tram/tram
    for 90 minutes between the first and last validation/

Please note: it is not possible to make metro/bus, metro/tram, RER/bus and RER/tram connections using the same t+ ticket.


• Where can I purchase t+ tickets?

You can purchase your “T+ Tickets” pass at the ticket booths and from any automatic ticket dispenser machine. You will receive a magnetic ticket.
RATP ticket sales (http://www.ratp.fr/informer/achat_titres/depositaires/les_commerces_agrees_ratp.php)
Specific TGV lines (tickets are only purchasable individually)

You cannot purchase t+ tickets in buses. Single trip tickets are only available and they cannot be transferred to other transport.


• Fare (Applied from July 1, 2011)

1 ticket (single trip) 1.70€

t+ ticket – Adult 13.70€

– Children (-10 years old) 6.85€

single trip (purchasing in buses) 2.00€

• How do I use the t+ ticket on the RER?

The t+ ticket allows you to travel on the RER within Paris only. For any journey outside Paris you must purchase an Origin-Destination ticket (Billet Origine-Destination), the price of which is calculated from station to station.

Thus, to travel to La Défense – Grande Arche from Paris using the RER A, you must be in possession of an origin-destination ticket valid for this station. However, it is also possible to travel there on the metro (line 1) using a t+ ticket.

Metro/RER and RER/RER connections within Paris are allowed. In this situation you should validate the original t+ ticket again.

• How do I use the t+ ticket on buses and trams?

You should validate your t+ ticket each time you board a bus.

Once it has been validated your t+ ticket allows you to make unlimited connections within a 90-minute period (between the first and last validation) on other bus and tram lines. You should validate your t+ ticket each time you change bus or tram.

Please note: one single t+ ticket may not be used for round-trip journeys on the same line or to get off and then back on a bus from the same line.

An example of journeys for which one single t+ ticket can be used:

you take line 62 followed by line 64

you take line 64 followed by the T3 tramway

you take the T3 tramway followed by the T2

Specific rules applicable to Noctilien

When travelling on Noctilien you must use 1 t+ ticket for the first 2 zones, plus an additional ticket for each pricing zone crossed. However, for suburb-to-suburb journeys crossing through Paris, the number of tickets used must be equal to the maximum number of zones crossed (without counting them twice).

Examples :

journey within zones 2-3: 1 t+ ticket

journey within zones 1-3: 2 t+ tickets

journey from Versailles (zone 4) to Roissy (zone 5) via Paris: 5 t+ tickets

Connections between Noctilien and other modes of transport are not possible using the same t+ ticket. A new t+ ticket must therefore be validated each time you change transport.

Specific rules applicable to lines with special fares (299, 350, 351)

On lines with special fares you must use 1 t+ ticket for every 5 sections. Exception: one single t+ ticket can be used for a journey that takes place entirely within the Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport zone.

Specific rule concerning the use of tickets sold on buses

If you board a bus without a valid ticket you must purchase one from the driver. This ticket will allow you to make one single journey without connection.

• After-sales service

Your ticket does not seem to be working

On the metro or RER you can have your ticket checked at a ticket office or information counter. In the case of a faulty ticket a replacement will be provided free of charge. On buses, speak to the driver who will manually validate your ticket if it is faulty.


Your t+ ticket has been lost or stolen

Lost or stolen t+ tickets can be neither replaced nor reimbursed.


You want to have an unused t+ ticket or old (mauve or green coloured) t ticket refunded

T+ tickets (as well as the old mauve or green t tickets) cannot be returned. They remain valid for use, with no time limit. This means that you do not need to exchange your old mauve or green t tickets. However, if they do not seem to be working take them to a ticket office or information counter where they can be checked. If necessary you will be provided immediately with a free replacement.